Remember this blog? Probably not, since as you can see from the rescued archive below, nothing has happened since January 2007. I don’t remember at what point in time the old URL to it stopped working entirely, but that was then – this is now, and Just One Credit is back. Oh yes, we’re back. Three years, it took. Three eventful years.

When I last left you, I had 14 1CCs. Admittedly, I haven’t had that much successes since. I now have 17, the three additions being freeware nuggets Blue Wish Resurrection, Eden’s Aegis and Blue Wish Resurrection Plus, by developer x.x. I was also literally 30 seconds away from finally 1CCing Perfect Cherry Blosson. Oh well.

Oh, the picture? That’s the team banner for Lag Fyrklöver (Team Four-leaf Clover) in STGFan STG Challenge 2010, the contest going on right now. Week one was Twinbee Yahhoo!, week two Eden’s Aegis and week three, currently ongoing, is Armed Police Batrider. Twinbee I didn’t play due to a) the game frustrating me to no end (had already played it in a STGT) and b) school getting in the way. Aegis went better, I finished sixth (of 28) and our team got second place for the week. Batrider… well, I’m planning to write a whole thing about Raizing, so I’ll tell you exactly what I think about that later. It’s not exactly going well for me.

And in other news, Beyond Good & Evil is all sorts of great.