Update, booyah!

It’s that time of the year again. shmups.com are once again having Shooting Game Tournament, or STGT. And Team Sweden has assembled, with the following lineup:

Captain: Dragoforce

Liutenant: Javel

Ensign: toby

Cannon fodder: KennyMan666, Charlieton, Hikikomori & Voxbox

Yes, only one Team Sweden this year, as opposed to Team Sweden Blue and Team Sweden Yellow of last year. Last year also saw Swedish newcomers Bröstlaser, but they’ve not signed up this year yet, if they’re going to at all. Meaning Team Sweden has to streamline their efforts and put in 200% to maintain our viking honor! Yes!

Hopefully, for me, there won’t be anything like Battle Garegga this year. (and yes that Raizing article IS coming, geez)

Five playing weeks with a week break after the first two weeks, four week themes have been revealed – Item Collection, Stereometry, Sequel and Repeat, Repeat being a game that has already been played in STGT. I hope for something fun like Blazing Star.

I’m going to try to be keeping weekly updates during the tournament. It even got its own category.

And in other news, I now have a stream where I play games from time to time, mainly random Mega Man hacks. Check it out sometime.

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