Week one of STGT 2010 is over. The game was Cyvern, which either is what would happen if Raizing tried to make a Psikyo game or if Psikyo tried to make a Raizing game. I can’t decide. Week theme was Item Collection Week, which was mildly accurate – the scoring system is heavily centered around collecting items, but you don’t collect more items than in your average shmup. We were all guessing it would be Dimahoo.

I wasn’t a huge fan of a game when I started playing it. It’s not a bad game, per se, but it’s downright unfair at times. Second boss, I hate you. First boss milking, I hate you. Rank, I kinda hate you too. I managed to one-life up to stage three once, but that wasn’t worth it at all, because then the rank was turned up to “To make up for that, we’re going to kill you ten times at the start of the stage”. I’m no fan of that kind of rank, but my Raizing Retrospective will have a lot more bitching about that. I’m a strong believer in The Zone, but no matter what, I just could not zone with Cyvern. I found myself trying to emulate it during stage 2, which may have helped. I don’t know. It was a special kind of focusing I normally don’t do when I play.

Team Sweden were fairly strong. I, personally, finished as #58 out of 171 participants… which made me the second worst scorer on the team. Our standings:

#3, Javel, 19,657,690
#22, Dragoforce, 8,980,200
#32, Charlieton, 6,783,880
#34, toby, 5,974,260
#48, Hikikomori, 4,867,120
#58, KennyMan666, 4,153,050
#106, Voxbox, 2,175,820

This performance has put us as #5 on the global scoreboard, with Team Cowboy Apes Cannibal whatever, Fatloli Luftwaffe, Society for Batriderian Philosophy and Team Sweet Tacos above us. But we’re gonna take you down. Oh yes, we will.

My scoring advances during the week were alright. My initial goal, as in “I’m not posting any scores until I’ve broken this”, was simply the million. After that, my goal of course was two million, which I also got. Then came three million. Then I got a score of 3,973,110 points.

Now, Cyvern awards extends every million points. I was less than 30,000 points away from the fourth extend. I was frustrated to no end.

That score, I got during the friday. I had no luck saturday. Or sunday. Technically. For me.

But on sunday evening, I put in my final batch of credits. The final bashing of the game. There were lots of swearing. Lots of punching the desk. Lots of scores around 3,5-3,7 million.

And then, it finally happened. After four hours, at 02:00 in the morning, I got that fourth extend. I had broken four million. I was immensely satisfied, since I could now consider myself done with the game.

Fuck Cyvern.

And in other news, Mamono Sweeper is far more addictive than it has any right to be.