Yeah. This is late as shit.

So, Repeat Week. Turned out to not be a repeat of a game. Turned out to refer to the name of the game. Xexex. And someone pointed out that checkpoints is about as “repeat” as it gets.

Xexex is essentially the love child of Gradius and R-Type, and if that doesn’t raise six thousand warning flags for you, it should. Because Xexex is a horrible, horrible game.

So you play this ship and you have this thing in front of it, which I’m going to call a force since it works almost exactly like the force devices in R-Type. It blocks shots, you can detach it, it damages enemies, behaves differently when detached and you have to have it attached to use anything but the peashooter. It just doesn’t fire when it’s detached.

I seriously don’t have much to say about the game. It utterly, utterly sucks, for reasons I’ll probably go into whenever I write Gradius and R-Type retropectives. Speedups that have to be collected, large hitbox, lethal walls, SEVERE Gradius Syndrome… but Xexex has one thing in particular. Something on a level so low that not even Gradius or R-Type ever descended to it.

Random extends.

Yes, you read that correctly. Every stage in Xexex has powerups that can be revealed by shooting a specific point. These are COMPLETELY RANDOM. From them, you can get a speedup, a force powerup, any weapon powerup in the game or an extend. This is also the only way to get extends. No score-based ones at all.

I finished in place 107 of 171 as the worst scorer of the team. I had lowballed a target of 500k early in the week, but I just couldn’t care ONE BIT about the game. Playing it was akin to physical torture. I pretty much stopped bothering halfway through the week. Luckily the rest of the guys pushed on. Our standings:

#8, Dragoforce, 1,730,900
#32, Javel, 965,900
#53, Voxbox, 753,000
#60, Hikikomori, 707,600
#94, toby, 521,300
#107, KennyMan666, 482,800

Charlieton did not submit any score for the week.

We’re down to #6 on the global scoreboard. Team Oldschoolers passed us. We’re going to come back again.

The break week is over now so we’re awaiting the next game. Stereometry week, whatever THAT means.

Fuck Xexex.

And in other news, Robot Arena 2 is a pretty fun game.

And in other OTHER news, I’m going to break tradition here a bit, for I wish to announce that I am no longer a lonely, pathetic loser. I am now a pathetic loser with a girlfriend.