Stereometry week passed. And it was Mars Matrix. It indeed had to do with shapes. Squares, specifically. Golden cubes. Too many of them.

Mars Matrix is something like GigaWing turned up to eleven. There’s the far too many golden things raining down, the reflector, the utterly inflated score… Mars Matrix adds chaining of the golden items, you having to direct the reflect yourself and wasting the reflect if you hold the button down for too long. WHAT.

The week started out slow for Kenny and never really got better. It had a lot do with that he hated the game immensely. The beginning of Monday was “Alright, maybe this isn’t so bad after all”, but that went away fast after realizing what a fucking asshole the game is.

I was still only the second worst scorer of the team. The third red digit was very, very tempting, but in the end… we at least had one guy who owned at the game. Our standings:

#13, Javel, 268,870,285,060
#25, toby, 93,466,693,520
#37, Dragoforce, 35,529,366,140
#46, Hikikomori, 24,494,752,720
#54, Charlieton, 20,346,183,840
#78, KennyMan666, 9,046,883,480
#94, Voxbox, 4,230,660,110

Two participants counterstopped. Mars Matrix is like that. Team Sweden reclaimed spot #5 on the global scoreboard, knocking down Team Oldschoolers again. Next playing week has already started, and it’s looking good. Very, very good. But more on that next post.

Yeah, I have nothing more to say. Well, one more thing to say.

Fuck Mars Matrix.

And in other news, I was going to start replaying Shadow of the Colossus but then remembered I had forced my friend to borrow it since it’s an epic game everyone must play. Oh well.