So. Whoa.

Sequel week indeed. Raiden Fighters 2. We played Raiden Fighters Jet last year, and I ended up doing alright.

Now, this is the story of a man, his past failures, and how he finally redeemed himself.

I’m going to start off on a tangent here. If you’ve read all my previous posts, you’ve seen that this year, I’ve always been the second worst scorer of the team, and in previous years, I’ve never done that great either. Keep this in mind.

At the start of this week, I was all like “It’s the game that’s like the game we played last year, only worse!” I’m not so sure of that anymore. After having learned how to medal, how to activate 100k medal mode in stage one, and actually score well, I started liking it more and more.

I’ll go further into this in a future Seibu Kaihatsu retrospective, but I’ve found our a few things about the Raiden Fighters games. First of all, they’re oddities in that while I normally wan to be able to enjoy a shmup without caring about scoring, I can’t enjoy Raiden Fighters if I don’t play entirely for score. Second, I’ve come to find Raiden Fighters to be games that takes concepts that have been tried by other compahnies that didn’t execute them all that well, and actually do them right. The gameplay in general feels like Psikyo done right, the medals – at least after activating 100k medal mode – is like a less asshole version of Raizing medaling, and the whole aspect of memorization to play well I’ve never enjoyed, but don’t mind at all in Raiden Fighters. I don’t know why.

The week started out well. Already on Monday, I posted a 24 million score, which was better than what a lot of people managed all week. I followed it up with 28 million, followed by 34 million, 38 million, 41 million, 44 million…

Quite obviously, my goal was 50 million at this point. And on Friday, after a session of much adrenaline pumping, fueled by candy and energy drinks, I hit 51 million. That had been my goal for that day, and technically my week goal. But I wasn’t done.

I kept pounding on the game. And I seemed to be the only one that did. My team seemed to be lost in space – there were a few early scores, and Vox was also trying to hit 50 million during Friday, but reported that he was stuck in restart hell. He never posted another score. But the weirdest thing of all was that Dragoforce, our cap’n, was utterly missing. Early during the week, he had said he had a goal of 80-100 million – which I never really trusted, but I expected him to easily come up with 70+ million – and later on that he had to revise his goal, and then… not a word. We still haven’t heard anything from him. Javel bowed out early in the week, hating the game.

So I kept on fighting. My goal was to defeat Sand Lobster. I kept setting higher standards for myself, not accepting any deaths before stage 4, make sure to get medal value to 100k on stage one, get the fairy on stage one, everything. I restarted time and time again, trying, finding new and novel ways to fuck up… and then, I went deep into the zone.

Very late on Friday – or, more accurately, very early on Saturday – I struck gold. Sand Lobster didn’t fall, but I was very close. But I got my score. My high score. My 54 million points.

There was one thing in particular that made my performance this week so special. When I posted my 41 million score on Thursday, for the first time in history, Team Sweden had three or more scores posted… and mine was the highest. I was temporarily overtaken, but my relentless beating of the game brought me back up.

And that’s how the week ended. I, KennyMan666, always team member of Team Sweden, having consistently sucked in the past, second worst every week this year, finished a week as the highest scorer of the team. It should, however, be said that I didn’t WANT this to be the cause – until the end, I hoped for Drago to come out of the woodwork with a score of 70+ million. I really, really did. He didn’t.

And thus, our standings, out of 128 players:

#32, KennyMan666, 54,459,980
#34, toby, 52,476,220
#39, Voxbox, 47,904,970
#47, Charlieton, 43,694,240
#52, Hikikomori, 38,854,250

Javel didn’t play and Drago didn’t post any score. Team Sweden stays as #5 on the global scoreboard, and on the global player scoreboard I’m now the third best player on Team Sweden in spot 51 out of 198.

Now, you’d think I’d keep praising the game. But I can’t break tradition now. And I am quite tired of the game – MAME reports 29½ hours spent with it during the week, but that has probably recorded longer periods of pauses too. Thus…

Fuck Raiden Fighters 2.

And in other news, I got a Chimney Imp, so now I’m unbeatable.