he (it's a joke)

Oh yes, oh yes, oh fucking hell yes.

This blog starts out in triumph, with the tale of my first 1LC in a shmup ever! Game in question, as some of you might know from the sprite, Bike Banditz from doujin soft developer French-Bread.

A couple of days ago, I played it and got all the way to the final boss for the first time. I was thinking, that now the 1CC isn’t far away! Then I played it some day later. Totally worthless play. Didn’t even come CLOSE to a 1CC.

So, today, I gave it another go.

And completely unexpected, I whip out a no-death 1CC. Almost 48 million points, as you can see in the title.

Here’s a replay for those of you who have the game, latest version.

Anyway, I believe it’s time for me to introduce myself and my blog now.

My name is Magnus von Goës Karlström. I’m a 19-year old dude from Sweden, and on the intarweb I go under the nick KennyMan666.

This blog, Just one credit, is a blog about shmups. Shmups is my favourite gaming genre, by a number of reasons. My favourite shmup ever is Perfect Cherry Blossom, from Team Shanghai Alice. Here, I will write about… well, shmups I like, and my playing of ’em. I hope I’ll get some readers, at least. XD

And in other news, Wario Ware Twisted is awesome.