Today I wish to point you to a real freeware gem: Twin Seeds. Ever since version 1.00 it has been one of my favourite freeware shmups, and also one of the absolute best freeware games I’ve ever tried. Neat graphics, wacky music – in what other shmup, or what other game for that matter, do you get served the Nutcracker Suite as a boss fighting theme? But all the tunes are great, the Stage 1 BGM is my favourite. The game was fairly recently updated to version 2.10, and this update brings on some fun stuff. Boss Rush, for instance. Named “Boss Medley” in this game. Boss Medley always plays on the difficulty of “Another” – which is this game’s version of “stupidly hard”. I yet have to beat the third boss in Medley – she troubles me on Normal, on Another she’s a living hell. Especially her named attack, Illusion. Named attacks are special attacks, usually the final attack the boss throws before she dies. The time slows down, the name of the attack shows on the screen, then the chaos begins. The inspiration for the named attacks surely comes from the spellcards in the Touhou games – heck, the entire game feels inspired by the Touhou series. And there’s worse things to be inspired by.

In any case – today I had my greatest achievement in the game ever. Stage 4 is pretty crazy with enemies shooting you from everywhere, and the boss isn’t easy either – but I beat her. I freaking beat her! And after that, things started going really well. Despite never having seen Stage 5 at all before, it didn’t go too bad – I think I only lost one life on it. Stage 6 was a little worse but I held together until, well, I died. A few times. But I increased my old high score with over 100 million points, ending up with 291,186,260 points and a scratch count of 20313. Here’s my replay if anyone’s interested in it.

Now, time for ranting!

This blog hasn’t been updated for long, as you can see. That can be blamed on SweMods and the Swedish postal service (this is still kinda shmup-related, actually), since my SwapMagic hasn’t arrived YET. Soon it’s been OVER TWO MONTHS since I ordered it, and I still haven’t seen it. The only indication I’ve actually gotten that it’s on it’s way is that my order on claims that it was shipped February 7th… which is about one month after I placed the order. Now, how about the irony in this: SweMods is from Sweden, their shop lies in Stockholm – which is a one-hour drive from where I live. I get stuff from freaking HONG KONG in about two weeks after placing the order! So what has this to do with that this blog haven’t been updated? Two reasons: Espgaluda and Mushihimesama. I own the PS2 ports of them, Jap NTSC versions, but can’t PLAY them since I’m on PAL. Also, Ibara is on it’s way to me. So once that stupid boot disc finds it’s way here, I’ll have writing material for you…

And in other news, zDoom makes Doom and Doom II to some of the best FPS games I’ve ever played.