It’s been a while since my last post, but because of the narrow nature of this blog, those things happen when I don’t play shmups for extended periods. At least when no noteworthy things related to shmup playing happens.

Anyway – a while ago I ordered three games from Paletweb. Shoot the Bullet, Super Marisa Land and… HISYOUAYU. A cute and very manic doujin shmup in which you play as Ayu from Kanon. I downloaded the two-stage demo long ago and fell instantly in love with it. So I decided to get it.

It is a very straightforward shmup. There are no weapon powerups and hardly any bonus items. Standard enemies never drop anything. You shoot enemies and try to not get shot. Though of course there’s something special to it. Instead of bombs you have Hypers. When a Hyper is triggered, a bullet-canceling ring extends out from Ayu and her shots get souped up. And here’s the twist – while in Hyper mode, which lasts for 20 seconds, there is a chaining mechanic. For every enemy you kill while in Hyper, a HIT value increases – and this value is determined by how many bullets the initial Hypering canceled. If you canceled 15 bullets, you get 15 HIT points per killed enemy as long as the Hyper is active. If you trigger another Hyper while still having one active, the timer is reset to 20 seconds, but the HIT value stays – and is increased by new canceled bullets. So with the correct usage of Hypers it’s possible to get a crazy HIT value and keep a chain through the entire stage. You can’t stock a lot of Hypers, you can only hold three at a time. The second half of the second stage is Hyper-whoring galore – many enemies shooting many bullets and dropping new Hypers. Sadly the chain bonus you get when beating the stage is a bit on the stingy side, but you take what you cna get. The only other item in the game is a 20000 point bonus item, some of them are always like that, but they are also recieved if you kill an enemy that would have dropped a Hyper when you already have three.

The game is not easy – many bullets are fast, though it never becomes unfair. I one-life-cleared the two-stage demo many times, but I don’t think I’m close to 1CCing the full game yet. The circle, Tenkuudokei, has also made a shmup with CLANNAD characters, called Gensou Shoujo – it’s decent, but not close to as good as HISYOUAYU. I have 1CC’d Gensou Shoujou – but it has two difficulties, BASIC and STANDARD, and I don’t know which one of then would count as “Normal” so I don’t know if that 1CC, which was done on BASIC, counts yet.

And oh yeah, there’s one thing I should say for you lot who read this blog (if any) and comment on it – while I use Blogger, I have it set so that it is published on my own webspace. Because of this, I have to enter the login info for the ftp every time I update it. I don’t want to use the save user/pass function for security reasons. Therefore, comments to posts aren’t processed until I log in next time. So if I don’t respond to your comments, this is the cause. For a number of days after writing a new post I republish occasionally to see if I have gotten any comments, but if you comment after that period, I won’t see it until I write my next post or decides to republish… if you really want to get in touch with me, you can mail me at KennyMan666 at Sorry for any inconvenience.

And in other news, MegaMari ftw.