Gasp, it’s an update that is not centered around one shmup, having the image for the entry being a sprite from that shmup!

It’s time for an international shmup competition! Players from various countries form teams, and play various shmups various weeks, then the three best scores are entered as the team results…

The thread on I am in Team Sweden (duh), a team that consists of the following:

– sven666 (JNX)
– Javel (JAV)
– Tvspelsfreak (ANT)
– Xipe (XIP)
– zinger (ZNG)
– KennyMan666 (666)
– Buffi (BUF)

Credit to Buffi for the Team Sweden logo. I’m not sure exactly what games will be played – I just hope for a freeware/doujin week, since that is my forte!

What’s more in my shmup life? Not much. I’ve been playing a few… oh yeah, managed another 1CC – the first loop of Battle Blade 2. Speaking of which – Battle Blade. These games are actually Swedish doujins, and the original is one of my favourite freeware horis. The sequel is quite good as well, but I find the original better. Speaking of 1CCs, did I ever list mine? No, I didn’t… so here’s the full list:

Battle Blade
Battle Blade 2 (first loop)
Bike Banditz (no miss, autobomb)
Imperishable Night
Lotus Land Story
Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Psyche Metal the Bleeding
Tokukou Shoujo

Eight. It’s a start. XD

And in other news, LocoRoco <3