In my last post, I listed all 1CCs I had made up to that point. That list consisted of eight games. It has been seriously expanded – now, I have no fewer than fourteen of them behind me. The reason I write this post is that I recently – within the span of just two weeks – have managed four of them. I am going to list them again, and write a few words about them…

Sorted in alphabetical order.

Battle Blade
The definition of a 1CC in Battle Blade is a bit special. There are three difficulties, but they don’t consist of the same stages. But since I have managed to clear all three of them without continuing, I’d say it counts.
Ship used was the red one.

Battle Blade 2 (first loop)
The sequel to the aforementioned, of course. It’s not a very hard shmup… managed to get this 1CC on my second play. The hypers helped quite a bit, since they are overpowered on the verge of broken… though, the second loop is QUITE a challenge, so I guess I shouldn’t say anything until I have cleared it.
Ship used was the red one.

Bike Banditz (no miss, autobomb)
Everyone should know about this, right? Since it was what started off this blog… so yeah. Just go to the first entry if you want to read about it.

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Second-most recent 1CC. All it took was some stubbornness! Played it, played it, played it… managed to break my high score time and time again. Worked out strategies, and stuff. Ended the game with no lives remaining and only one bomb. I did waste one bomb just as Remilia died, though.
Character used was Marisa A.

Gun.Smoke (NES)
I got this on a NES meet that celebrated NES becoming 20 years old here in Sweden. ’twas in September, last year. This is one of the few 1CCs I actually have witnesses to! sven666 and Xipe from STGFan were present. It wasn’t very hard – I have no idea why I haven’t managed to do it playing normally on emulator.

Imperishable Night
Aaaah, the Imperishable Night 1CC! This one will always hold a very special place in my heart, because it was my very first 1CC. I actually got this while at a LAN at my friend’s place. It took a few tries and a few cans of Jolt-Cola! Was of course done via Final B.
Team used was Reimu & Yukari.

Lotus Land Story
Another one of my early 1CCs. I don’t remember much about it, except for that the final stage and boss can be summed up in two words: Bomb fiesta!
Character used was Marisa A – which was Laser Marisa in this game.

Mystic Square
One of the recent ones. It was the second time I ever reached Shinki! If I remember correctly, last time I reached her I only had one life… this time, I had more, plus a bomb supply. Got some nasty slowdown on her last attack – but I can’t say it helped me at all, because the attack was simple.
Character used was Mima – and it’s by the way Mima’s Mystic Square sprite that heads this entry.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Yeah… this one was nasty. I reached Shiki several times, but she ALWAYS got me. So I tried, and tried, and tried again. I refused to play on Easy to unlock characters. Then, after many, many attempts, she finally actually went down! After that, I played easy to unlock characters. When I got the good characters, I went back to Normal, and produced some more 1CCs… but the first one – that’s the one I REALLY count.
Character used was Marisa.

Psyche Metal the Bleeding
This was also early in my 1CCing career. …actually, forget what I said about Imperishable Night being my very first 1CC… looking through some old logs, it turns out that this was my very first 1CC. Go go memory… though, there were only nine days between this and IN, so… in any case, this was the second time I beat the second boss. Before I had managed to make the game glitch out completely and give me unlimited lives. Of course I don’t count that for anything.

Psyvariar Revision (50hz)
This is the most questionable of all my 1CCs. For starters, it was done on 50hz. And I didn’t face Gluon. But what I DID was get an ending screen, without using a single continue on the way. So I think it counts. Was pretty easy.

The Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream…
This one was the successful final to a series of attempts. It was a trio of increasing success at the end: Reaching the penultimate boss, then reaching the final boss, and then beating the thing. It was comepltely awesome!
Character used was Mima.

The Story of Eastern Wonderland
This was one of the harder games on this list to 1CC, and the latest I managed. ZUN’s second game, his first one in the curtain fire genre… he has improved a damn lot since this. It has a sketchy hitbox and some unfair moments… reaching the end took a number of lives and bombs. When Mima changed forms, I was down at my last life and not many bombs left… but it turned out to be a really, really easy last pattern. Yay!
Weapon set used was B.

Tokukou Shoujo
Easiest one to get on the entire list, no contest. Got 1CC the second time I ever started the game – and I didn’t really play seriously at all the first time. Just tried out the thing. Not much more to say ’bout that.

Two more Touhou games to 1CC, then I have the full series done… not counting Immaterial and Missing Power and Shoot the Bullet, of course. Though I did 1CC IaMP Story Mode a few times, but it’s a fighter, so it doesn’t count. StB can’t even be 1CC’d. The games left to do are Highly Responsive to Prayers and Perfect Cherry Blossom – one day!

And oh yeah, the shmup tournament I talked about last post is of course finished.

So, how did it go…?

My own particiation was because of various computer-related problems very skewed – I only played the first week, Blazing Star. I don’t remember if my result added any points to the team…

But it was a good thing we had a strong team – “Team Sweden” finished in 3rd place with 511 points! The silver was snagged by team “Feka USA” with 618 points, and the gold went to “namakoteam” with 830 points. Next year we’ll get ’em good!

In other news, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents owns your soul.